About Us

Welcome to Central BioHub!

Our company was founded by a group of scientists, which were confronted themselves with the diverse problems and time-consuming processes of human research samples procurement in our daily practice. This experiences have induced us to develop an online marketplace for human biospecimens, that connects the suppliers and the customers of biospecimens worldwide. The focus of all our actions are the concerns of patients and donors and the high satisfaction of our customers.

The Central BioHub team consists of passionate, solution-oriented members of scientists, database specialists and marketing experts, which will support you as a customer or supplier throughout all the different phases from the donation process to the selection of the suitable biospecimens for your R&D project. Any questions or issues that arise before or after a purchase can be dealt with our experienced scientific support team. Your biospecimens can be presented with all sales- and user-relevant specifications. We will support you with legally verified informed consent material as well as with the standardisation of your sample data and a technical solution for the upload. The customers will find the research samples they need comfortably in no time using our clearly designed filter functions and product overview. You can also associate each of your specimens with specific disclaimers to ensure correct us.

Our network thrives also on the spatial proximity to the healthcare location Berlin with abundant multilayered academical, bioanalytical and pharmaceutical activities. Central BioHub is member of the DiagnostikNet Berlin-Brandenburg and thus is part of one of the most innovative research and developing markets of medical science in Europe.

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