About Us

Welcome to Central BioHub!

Our company was founded by a group of scientists, who were confronted with the time-consuming process of human biospecimen procurement. Our experiences have motivated us to develop an online marketplace, that connects people in the life science sector who need human biological samples and the suppliers who offer them.

The origins.

At the beginning, one central question occurred: “How can we connect scientists and biospecimen suppliers in a fast, easy and compliant way?”
That was when the idea of centralbiohub.com was born - a marketplace that streamlines procurement and provides access to millions of valuable biospecimens worldwide.


Our team.

Scientists, IT specialists and business insiders – the members of Central BioHub have been operating in the life science and healthcare industry for more than 30 years and are well-connected within the scientific community in Berlin, Germany.
Bringing together their competences, our experts are steadily improving a comprehensive platform that offers an organic user experience.

The marketplace revolution.

For decades, the procurement of human biological samples was a big obstacle for the research-driven pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry. The process usually takes several months and occupies many employees.
Central BioHub unifies the auditing process and biospecimen availabilities of multiple suppliers on one digital platform where research samples are just a click away – now that’s what we call revolution.


Welcome to simplicity.

Our novel approach provides fast access to the necessary biological samples according to the exact requirements of scientists:

  • Millions of biospecimens presented clearly on one platform.
  • Search functions and filter options help to find the samples you are looking for at first glance – fast and intuitive.
  • Organisations need to verify only one source instead of managing risky and complex contracts with many suppliers.

Our highest ethical standards.

Compliance with ethical guidelines is the priority of our biosourcing team. All suppliers pass a multi-stage validation process before they can offer their samples on our marketplace.
The principles of our service are the Declaration of Helsinki and Declaration of Taipei.


Global customer base.

Hundreds of organisations have already recognised the benefits of Central BioHub. Be part of the procurement revolution and join us in accelerating medical breakthroughs.

Together we shape the future of healthcare.